They Told The Gang Members To Lie Down, But Didn’t Expect This Dog To Do That!


Serious situations like having the police raid your home are not fun, but dogs are! In an undeniably severe situation animals save the day once again. A random act of unexpected humor, one dog surprised everyone during a drug bust. The police were raiding a home and asked everyone to get on the ground, when this dog did something very unexpected.


This dog was apparently feeling a massive wave of loyalty after seeing everyone lying on their stomachs on the floor, because he decided to go and lie down on his back alongside them. He is caught on camera looking adorably guilty, and maybe made the situation a little lighter in tone. Hopefully for the policemen he wasn’t too much of an adorable distraction from the real situation at hand.

Police apparently tried to remove the dog several times, but he just felt he was right where he belonged because he returned to lay on his back alongside these alleged criminals. Paws in the air, lying on his back, this little dog was entirely committed to his position.

Dogs are sweet creatures so even when you’re a drug pushing criminal they’ll be there for you, this situation is proof of that. Persistently man’s best friend, this dog assumed the position of guilty for his friends and refused to budge. Even the big, bad and the ugly need a best friend, right?

Everyone loves a pictures of real-life adorable things (or just pictures of dogs), and this will make absolutely anyone’s day. This dog is brown, cute, loyal and if he can brighten up such a terrible situation, he can brighten up any situation. Animals truly are life-savers and can bring joy to even the most evil of the population.

If you’re feeling down, just bored, or want to see proof of a really great story, you’ve come to the right place. You will wish you had a dog of your own that pulled stunts like this, or was as loyal as this dog was to fake his own guilt for the sake of showing his devotion. Anyone would be lucky to have such a hound.


In the end everyone is in need of a friend. No matter what situation you’re in, dogs are likely the best creatures around to be a friend to you. So if you decided to commit a crime and your dog is around, don’t forget your camera.


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