They Tell Their Dog To Clean The House, But I Didn’t Quite Expect THIS. LOL!


It’s so wonderful to have one of these as pet dog around the house, especially one that likes to help out with things, knowing when it’s time for play and time for chores. Dogs are one of the most loyal animals known to man, they make great companions too, and sometimes it seems they can almost hear everything you say if well trained. It doesn’t take much to get a dog to become loyal to his master orĀ  family, you just have to make them happy while they make you happy back. Yes, it’s that simple.

You will know a dog that is in a happy relationship with the master from the way it’s always ready to learn and do things for the owner. He will like to protect and share in every special moment with its family, from playing fetch to occupying the back sit in the family car while sticking out its head through the window during a vacation.
They sometimes act like humans from the way they respond to things. It is amazing when you see how these gentle creatures relate with people that one will almost begin to wonder if they were meant to be animals in the first place.

Grace is a lively Golden Retriever that seems very happy to have learnt one or two things about house keeping, it gets to pick up stuffs around the house while placing them where they should be. All her master needs to do is to say “clean house” and Grace would quickly get to work, happily wagging her tail from corner to corner and room to room picking up her toys and other stuffs that were lying around or just where they shouldn’t be, she picks and goes back to drop them properly, one after the other into the box. when she’s done she closes the box on her masters instructions too.

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In the end, Grace is satisfied with her clean up, she sits and gladly awaits another tax from her master. Amazing right?

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