When They Saw This, They Just Had To Capture It On Camera. Can You Believe It?


Unlikely friends sometimes become the best friends we have! That is definitely the case with this little Bengal kitten and her Black Labrador “bestie”. Watch how amazing the bond is between this kitty and her big puppy. Often times in the animal kingdom, there are natural enemies. While cats and dogs are known as that natural enemy, this cute kitty breaks the stereotype by snuggling with her dog best friend.

Maplewood Bengals is an organization that seeks to have their gorgeous bangle kitties all adopted by good homes. They are dedicated to raising awareness and celebrating the beautiful Bengal breed. All of their kittens are bread expertly and cared for with expertise since day one. A big part of their care is socialization. The kittens have the opportunity to spend time with older cats and two kind and gentle Labradors that live at the cattery.
One of the new Bengal kitties loved the socialization process so much that she formed an adorable friendship with the black lab. It is amazing to see how loving and gentle the lab is with the small kitten. The kitten snuggles between the Labrador’s paws feeling safe, secure, and watched after. She becomes completely devoted to her new friend and he becomes protective over her.

Maplewood Bengals loves this unique friendship and encourages the Bengal kitty to continue to socialize. A big part of the adoption process with Maplewood Bengals is the kittens having the chance to socialize with each other, older cats, and their own mothers until 12 months old, giving them adequate time to develop good behavior practices and social practices. The kittens are allowed a large space to roam around and play in during this time of growth.

Maplewood Bengals is fully committed to the absolute success of Bengal kittens in good homes. After someone adopts a kitten from Maplewood Bengals, they continue to receive support, updates, and help from the cattery where their kitten was birthed. The intention is to spread awareness about the amazing Bengal breed and to encourage people to adopt Bengal cats. Each kitty is fully supported while in the cattery, and continues to receive support and relationship from the cattery after they are adopted.

While on the surface the tiny Bengal kitty and her Lab friend are very different, they find they are kindred spirits while spending time together. Both are happy to have a furry, fuzzy, fun friend by their side. Witness their amazing bond and love for each other in this adorable video taking the internet by storm.

So in the end, the Bengal kitty will be adopted by a good owner and get to live in a loving home. Until then, she finds comfort and friendship in the most unlikely of places, with a Black Labrador.

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