They Rescued A Tabby Cat From Cold, But Never Expected This To Happen


The winter has arrived and even though most of us have a warm home to stay in, a lot of us unfortunately do not have one. Moreover, the animals that are homeless are often ignored by society, but they can feel the cold temperatures just as well as we do. They struggle to survive the winter, just like any homeless person does.


Luckily, some people know that there are homeless animals out there in desperate need of help and they act on it. They save hundreds of animals every year and keep on doing so year after year, they are true heroes that deserve recognition.


This year the Elkhard County Humane Society in Indiana wasn’t able to deal with all the animals they rescued, and ended up having to give some up to other groups of rescuers so that they all could be taken care of. They need to be able to cope with demand, luckily there are hundreds of animal rescuing groups out there willing to help.


They found this amazingly beautiful tabby cat but were unfortunately unable to take care of her. They decided to give another rescue group a call, they called Here Kitty Kitty Rescue to come aid them in the situation, which they did.


The cat was pregnant and within 10 days of being rescued she gave birth to some very cute kittens. Now, the tabby is being taken care of and so are her babies one male ginger and four other boys. Since they’re all being taken care of, they’re all healthy and safe in the group’s reach.


The mother seems to have handled everything fairly well and didn’t really offer too much resistance to the rescuers, she probably knew what was going on and was thankful for the help she got in her life. She does look happy in the pictures – happy and tired!


Now both the mother and her babies are waiting for someone to give them a forever home and to take care of them. The group is taking care of them right now, but they need to take care of other animals as well.


If you know someone who will love this little family, or if you just want to help out, share this story and help them find a forever home to be loved and to give love to others. Spread the word and you too are going to be making a difference in the lives of homeless animals all over the world.



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