They Put THIS In Front Of The Puppy. What Happens Next Is Too Cute For Words!


When a lemon got tossed onto the floor, it rolled onto one side and attracted the attention of a puppy. The lemon was cut in half and the fruit portion of the lemon was facing the ceiling. The skin-side of the lemon lay on the floor. The puppy approached the lemon and gently touched it to see what it was. The puppy tried to bite it before backing away and placing both paws on the ground like a Spinx. The rest of the puppy’s body followed and laid flat on the ground. The scent from the lemon must have been to strong for the puppy.


Lemons have a lot of vitamin C. A 100 gram serving contains about 64% of the daily requirement. Lemons contain phytochemicals including polyphenols and terpenes. It also contains a lot of citric acid. Citric acid is found in the citric acid cycle in the biochemistry of aerobic organisms.

Citric acid can be manufactured. It is used as a flavoring, a chelating agent, and an acidifier. It was first isolated from lemon juice in 1784. The chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele crystallized it from lemon juice.

Citric acid can have harmful effects. Pure citric acid can causing coughing shortness of breath, or sore throat. Eating too much can cause abdominal pain. Concentrated solutions of citric acid can cause redness and pain on the skin. Long-term exposure to citric acid causes erosion of tooth enamel.

The puppy in this video may be hindered by the effects of citric acid. It attempts to bite the lemon again, but withdraws and sticks its tongue out several times in an attempt to remove the lemon taste. The puppy then looks right at the camera and turns its head away. It returns to its previous position with a quick bite of the air.

Immediately afterward, it pounces onto its feet and uses one paw to strike the ground in a horse-like fashion. It stumbles about for less than a second and returns back to a sphinx-position with both paws on the ground. It pounces back onto all its feet and stumbles about again, apparently agitated by the lemon. It attempts to strike the lemon with two paws, but stops short.

It tries again and uses one paw to repeatedly strike the ground in front of the lemon. It finally hits it a couple of times, but returns back to the Spinx-position. The puppy can’t stay still. It’s gets up on its feet trying to intimidate the lemon. It finally gets used to the smell and starts licking the lemon.

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