They Place The Baby By The Dog’s Belly. The Result Is BRILLIANT!


Parents of small babies often experienced all kinds of difficulties when it comes time for their little ones to go to sleep. Babies can be some of the most restless sleepers of all and that is why parents will go above and beyond to find unique methods for getting them to drift off to dreamland.

Once one of these methods has been proven to work, the parents do not deviate from it, and we are sure that the parents in this clip are proud of themselves for thinking of this clever way to get their precious bundle of joy to go to bed. While it may seem dangerous or silly to some, there is no denying the effectiveness of the method.

When the video begins, the baby’s eyes are wide open. This is not a child that seems to be anywhere near close to ready for bed. From the looks of it, the baby is going to be up all night long and parents of newborns and toddlers can relate to moments like these, moments when it seems as if the baby will never go to sleep again.

Even if you do not have a child of your own, you can remember these sorts of moments in your own life, when a close friend or loved one was willing to trade their right hand for a peaceful night’s sleep. Luckily for this couple, they have found a friend who is willing to help them with their plight, a very unlikely friend indeed.

They have located an automatic baby rocker, as their Greyhound’s breathing serves as the perfect backdrop for baby’s slumber. Once the child has been placed up against the dog, the eyes begin to close almost immediately. Who would have ever thought that the family dog could serve as a useful helper when it comes to baby’s bedtime?

Watching this baby be gently rocked by the dog’s natural breathing rhythms is one of the cutest things that we have ever seen and we hope that this becomes a nightly routine for this family. All they had to do was set the baby next to the panting pup’s tummy and the rest took care of itself.

Whether you are a parent of your own small child or you have friends with babies, you are bound to appreciate this touching clip. Be sure to spread the love and don’t forget to pass this video along to the special people in your life.

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