They Have A Pet Fox, But That’s Not Even The Shocking Part. Turn Up Your Volume!


When you see Mr. Scamper, who is also quite find with being called Scamp by the way, you will notice he is actually appears to be black with a white-tipped tail, and a white patch of fur on his chest, this is actually quite common, although some Silver Foxes are also red in color. But it’s not his fur coloring that makes this lovely little fox unique. It is his laughter and the complete acceptance and comfort being with humans. Mr. Scamp, hails from the UK and according to his ‘family’ say he is quite domesticated and has never been a ‘wild one’.

Aside from being domestic, Scamp also seems to have a somewhat unique way of expressing himself, not only in his laugh, but in the manner he seems to also ‘talk’ to his family. He has the most amazing hazel eyes that just seem to say, “Yes please I want a tickle!”

Amid the distinct laughter, it truly sounds like Scamp is saying “Weeee”, in between the bouts of laughter. It is something you really should hear for yourself.

He loves the attention and affection of his human family and he has no problem expressing his pleasure when getting his tummy scratched or rubbed. Scamps laughter is contagious by the way, and you cannot hear his laughter without laughing yourself. His laughter is reminiscent of that of a human, more to the point, a human child actually.

When first watching the video of Scamp rolling around on his back on the couch with his favorite ‘chicken’ in his mouth, as his human gives him a tickle here and a scratch there, it was difficult to believe that laughter was coming from Scamp!

Watch this hilarious video and be prepared to join Mr. Scamper in laughter. It isn’t possible, or if it is, it would be quite rare, for anyone to watch this video and NOT laugh out loud!

Once you have had your laugh, please be sure to share the video so as to spread the joy of laughter to as many people as possible.

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