They Give The Dog A Treat. Watch His Mouth When He Realizes He Gets Another.


This is one of those videos that you could watch over and over again because the dog is absolutely adorable. It isn’t every day that a dog truly catches your heart instantly, though Little Norbert is an exception to the rule. You are going to love him just as much as you loved the little dog from “As Good As it Gets.”

Little Norbert is given a treat and he munches on it for a few seconds. Then, you can watch his face light up as he realizes he’s getting another one – and you have to watch the video in order to see this expression. It’s absolutely priceless, and we are rewarded by the same cute munching once he gets the second snack.

For such a small snack, he does have to chew it quite a bit, which is even more adorable. If it was a bone or something else where he was slobbering, it simply wouldn’t have the same effect. It is that he is so taken with the small snack and make such a big deal about getting a second one that it really grabs your heart.

The video only runs for 39 seconds, so you have plenty of time out of your busy day to be rewarded with such a cute dog. After watching this adorable video, you may want to run out and get a little white puppy for yourself just so that you can give him a treat and then watch as he realizes he’s going to get another one.

How the owners of this dog don’t constantly film him is a wonder. Though, there is more than one video on the Internet about Little Norbert, and it’s easy to see why he has become quite the Internet sensation. When a dog looks this cute, it is completely inevitable for it to happen.

Have you ever seen a dog make such adorable facial expressions? It’s like you can actually see him thinking “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I get ANOTHER one?” Oh, if only dogs could talk so that we could hear what he is really thinking – but it is obvious that the love these little treats.
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