They Found This Badly Injured Baby Squirrel, But What Happens HERE Will Make Your Entire Day


The story was originally posted by Priami to reddit with photos and an explanation of how they had come to befriend the baby squirrel. When Priami’s grandmother found the little creature, she thought it was dead. Surprisingly, it began to exhibit signs of life as she tried to transfer it from the street. One of its eyes had been badly hurt and it didn’t appear to have much chance of survival, but she took it home to her grandson Priami, anyway.

During the healing process, the family had intended to release the baby squirrel. However, when the little fellow seemed to have recovered sufficiently, they attempted to release him. Unfortunately, the eye injury must have been to debilitating as he fell and hit a rock while trying to negotiate the branches of a tree.

The baby squirrel just after he was found by the road
His injuries were more severe than first expected and it became apparent that he would not survive a wild existence.
He was given the name Arttu, Finnish for Arthur.
He was surprisingly tame for animal whose life was meant to be lived solely in the great outdoors.

Like a cat, he enjoyed scuffling with their hands. He would playfully nip at their hands, cautious not to bite terribly hard. 


He preferred human pockets for a naptime snooze.

Although he was very much at home with his family, he became skittish when strangers were about the house.
His diet consisted of nuts, many different varieties of fruit—especially berries—and mushrooms.
He was allowed to play outside and he would come back, every time. He loved to perch on Pirami’s shoulder. 
In the wild, squirrels will wear their claws down, but they had to be clipped due to Arttu’s living arrangement.
In the photo, Arttu’s good eye picks up the flash from the camera.
The next photo reveals the blind eye. It is dull and has no sparkle to it.
He lived with Pirami from 2007 until 2013, when he was found lifeless in his nest. At first, he looked like he was simply bowed up sleeping.
The food we had stocked back for him to eat was fed to other squirrels after his death.
Whether there is a sense of what the headstone is, or whether it is the food placed nearby, the squirrel in the photo seems interested in the stone.
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Arttu was given the gift of life, because Priami’s grandmother wanted to spare the little creature more humiliations. After reading about Arttu’s rescue and subsequent happy life, we all must wonder how many times we’ve passed by an injured animal we could have saved.

(h/t: Priami)


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