They Didn’t Know What Kind Of Dog This Puppy Was. When She Grows Up? WOW!


When two of the most beautiful dogs are bred, their offspring is bound to be just as cute. The mix of a Siberian husky and a retriever is called the Goberian. And a Goberian might inherit the blue eyes of the Siberian Husky and also the golden coat of the Golden Retriever.

Both dogs are relatively large sized and are loving and affectionate. Their temperament makes them even more lovable. Their thick coat makes them more comfortable in a cold environment, and they may be uncomfortable in hotter climates.


The Goberians are usually midsized dogs and draw traits from their parents breed. Their double layered coat is dense and very soft to feel, and they often have a variety of combinations and colors such as black and brown, black and white, gray, brown and white, cream and light brown. They usually weigh between 45 to 90 ninety pounds, and their average height is about 21 to 24 inches. These beautiful creatures have a life expectancy of an average dog, 10 to 15 years. The dogs are outdoor creatures and will be happy to indulge in any exercise which may include long walks and run.


For some unknown reason, a lot of people prefer purebred mutts over mixed breed dogs, who turn out to be the last to be adopted from shelters. They do not appreciate the great qualities of the mixed breed dogs, especially the mixture of the husky and the Golden Retriever. The mixed breeds are often strong, smart, and are one of a kind.


When a man heard about a homeless mixed breed puppy who was in dire need of a family and a home, he knew he had to offer assistance no matter what. He made efforts to see the dog and looking at her the face of the pet, he realized she was a special dog.


This adorable mutt with fluffy fur is named Phoebe. And she is one of the beautiful mixtures of the husky and the Golden retriever. She was eventually rescued and she repaid her family for their kind gesture by having an amazing personality. Phoebe has so many rare characteristics of both breeds and is truly exceptional. When she grows up, she will be a fluffy dog just like this mixed breed.

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