They Approach A Cougar In A Trap And Do Something No One Else Would DARE Try


Far too many innocent and unsuspecting wild animals get caught in poorly set and dangerous human traps. Traps lead to injured animals and can even cause unintended death for certain animals. Watch this suspenseful and incredible video of two trained professionals releasing a wild cougar from a trap. You’ll be holding your breath all the way until the end.

Alone on a steep hill in Utah back country, a wild cougar gets caught in a trap. Snagged by one paw, the cougar sits frightened, crying out for help and growling fiercely at anyone or anything passing by. The cougar, if trapped long enough, would have faced a slow and painful death or escaped with an injury that could lead to death as well. It seemed like an impossible situation.

Two brave professionals from the Utah Game Warden Association gathered up their tools and set out to free the cougar and escape with their own lives. This would be an exceedingly tough mission as the cougar was already very riled up and very dangerous to anyone that passed by. However, if they waited too long to help, the cougar may lose its life.

The men slowly approached the scene and began rolling a camera, in case of the loss of life or sustained injury; it would be clear what had happened. The cougar, once it caught sight of the wildlife officers, begin growling and pawing ferociously. You can see the anguish and fear in the cougar’s eyes. It became clear this would take a while to complete successfully and safely. The two officers begin to plan their strategy, communicating with each other and keeping their distance.

The first step is to secure the cougar’s head so no one would receive bites. The two officers worked together, avoiding the cougar’s powerful paws and teeth and managed to secure the cougar’s head. At one point, the cougar becomes so aggravated that the men have to jump back for safety.

Now that the cougar’s head is secured, the officers work on trapping its hind legs. The trap has the cougar by the front paw. One officer holds the head while the other secures the back paws. Finally, it is time to release the paw. Painstakingly slow, the officer who is securing the head is able to block the cougar’s vision long enough to release the paw. Once released, the officers drop all of their tools and run for cover.
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Video still rolling, the officers film the great cat regain its vision, realize it has been freed, and run out into the wild with minimal injury. The officers did an amazing job that very few others would dare to do. If wildlife is ever found caught in a trap, it should always be a professional who frees it.

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