They All Think They Are About To Learn The Gender Of The Baby But Mom’s Got Another Surprise!


When the Rademachers discovered they were to be expecting a baby, they came to the conclusion that the gender of the baby would be kept a secret until the day of the birth. Little did the family and friends come to know, the couple was hiding an even larger surprise than simply the gender of their first baby.
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On the long awaited day of the babies birthing, the mother, Sharon Rademacher welcomed in her visitors for the big reveal they waited forever to attend. The first to walk in the room is grandma, who steps out from behind the curtain to see what’s waiting on the other side and — “Oh my gosh!” — cue the sappy song and the waterworks.
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There before her mother lay two baby girls in Sharon’s arms. As if the shock of one newborn granddaughter wasn’t enough for grandma, these two twin baby girls would just about put her over the edge. One by one, the Rademachers family and friends were exposed to the unexpected surprise and the reactions make you want to cry more and more each time; they just keep getting better.

The best reaction of them all is the young woman, looks to be her sister or a best friend, once the curtain is revealed she coo’s and claps her hands to realizing she was right, “Oh! It’s a girl!,” the Rademachers had a girl until she does a double take and comes to notice there are two! The entire family has a variety of awh-worthy reactions. A common reaction throughout the family and friends was “Whose other baby is that?” or “No…she’s not yours too! You’re joking! You only had one.” So much disbelief!

That a secret kept that long left no one to believe it to be true! The most surreal piece of the entire story is throughout the entire pregnancy the couple told no one about the knowledge of their twins, therefore doubling the surprise by the time of the birth as people thought the only thing they had to bet on was the gender of the baby when they should have placed bets on the amount of children and the gender of each baby. Just like the rest of us viewers, I bet you’re thinking how does one woman and her significant other keep the biggest secret of twins without spilling the beans before the reveal? Or how does one hide the belly of two children by trying to convince people it’s one 12 pound baby!

Crazy! It seems tough to think about maintaining and keeping the nine-month secret, but in the end it’s worth it to see the joy on our loved ones faces. The suspense must not have been itching away at the family to prove who was right and wrong, it must have been picking and scratching under the Rademachers tongues until the big reveal! This video is a priceless memory the family will cherish for years to come.

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