These 22 Unique Dog Crossbreeds Will Make You Do A Double Take… OMG!


Crossbreed dogs are gotten from purebred dogs of a different kind. These crossbreed dogs always have a moderated appearance in contrast with their purebred parent who often have some deformities such as the tiny size, protruding eyes, short crooked legs and more. The crossbreeds are usually balanced between both parents, and are a bit enhanced.

Some of the new breeds include;

  1. The Pitsky


This pet is a mix of the American pit bull and Siberian husky. This crossbreed is a medium to large sized mutt, and it is a devoted pet which requires active owners because they need a lot of exercises. The pet is not aggressive and has an excellent temper.


  1. The golden husky


This is a mix of the golden retriever and the Siberian or Alaskan husky. It is a medium sized to large sized dog, and it lives as long as an average dog, 10 to 15 years. This mutt loves to be active and go hunting, weight pulling, sledding, guarding and rescue.


  1. The corgi poo


This dog is a mix of corgi and a toy poodle, and they are incredibly adorable. They are well known as pranksters with floppy or stand up ears depending on their crossbreed parents.


  1. Basset Pei


This is a mix of the basset hound and shar pie dog. This dog is great for a family with kids.


  1. The Schorgi


This is a mix of the corgi and the sheltie. It is playful and well mannered.


  1. The German chow


This dog is a mix of the chow chow and the German Shepherd and is a large sized dog with a beautiful brown fur.


  1. The schnoodle


This is a combination of the schnauzer and a poodle. This pet is incredibly small and cuddly.


  1. The Bull pug


This pet is a mix of the English bulldog and the pug. It maintains the small stature of both parents and is very playful.


  1. The Horgi


This dog is a mix of the Siberian or Alaskan husky and the corgi. They can have a variety of colors, but are mainly black and white with a shade of brown.


  1. The Bulldog shepherd


This dog is a mix of the English bulldog and the German Shepherd. This dog maintains the facial features of the bulldog but takes the size of the German shepherd.

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