These Dogs Were Tortured, Abused And Abandoned, Now Watch Their Transformation!


Dogs are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are the best thing that ever happened in the lives of a number of people. These people would give their lives in exchange for their dog’s and the dogs typically feel the same way about the people who have helped them to escape the circumstances that led them into a horrible existence.

The bond that exists between dogs and their owners is hard to measure. It is beyond our level of imagination. The emotional connection between dogs and their owners is strengthened by the unconditional love that they feel for one another and this bond is tough to break, if not impossible.

If you are nodding your head in agreement right now, that means you are one of the people who has developed an unbreakable bond with your pup. You love your dog and would be heartbroken if anything was to ever happen to them. The idea of watching our pets suffer is a true tearjerker and it is sad to see people treating these loving and intelligent creatures poorly.

Those who participate in these behaviors do not understand why people love dogs so much. They see them as useless mutts and have no tolerance for them. People who behave in this manner do not deserve to have pets and are missing out on the love and affection that these creatures are able to provide.

Fortunately, when dogs are abused and tortured by these monsters, there is a hero that comes along to save them and offer them a better life. Every dog has their very own guardian angel, but the dogs that reside in Sri Lanka actually have a foundation to call their own. The Dogstar Foundation works tirelessly to ensure that their animals receive the proper love and care. Check out the following examples:



When this dog was first rescued, she was covered in mange and scabies, plus she was also blind in one of her eyes. The starving animal was struggling with nutrition deficiencies before the Dogstar Foundation intervened. Check out what Chester looks like now!





Errol was terrified of humans at first, refusing to let anyone touch him. His previous owners had abused him, which made him fearful. He slowly regained his trust in humans, and this is what he looks like today!




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Sydney’s traumas were both physical and psychological. The dog would cry when people came near. Within a few months, the Dogstar Foundation’s tender loving care restored his former appearance. Check him out now!



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