These Dogs Wag Their Tails Even Though They Were Starved To Die In An Empty House


Guardian Rescue Crew does everything in their power to save helpless animals and rescue them from uncertain fates. For them, saving dogs from horrific situations and providing them with a much needed second chance is all in a day’s work. However, their recent work deserves some special recognition, as these dogs were placed in one of the most adverse environments possible.


Their previous owners had abandoned them completely, leaving them inside of an empty house to fend for themselves. The male pitbull had been left locked inside of a cage, while his female counterpart was able to roam freely throughout the residence. Frankie Floridia, who works as the director for the rescue team of Long island field missions, made this announcement to the general public after the dogs were rescued.

Neighbors heard barks coming from the house after the owners had already vacated the premises and the rescue team was called in shortly thereafter. The neighbors had also saved the dogs from dying due to lack of nutrition, as they were able to successfully feed the poor pooches through an open window.


When dogs have been forced to experience a great deal of trauma and stress, they can become very distrustful of the world around them. They also become especially distrustful of humans who are only trying to help. As a result, Floridia approached the animals with extreme caution and the alpha male was hesitant at first.


But once the animals were unleashed from their impromptu prison, they were extremely grateful. They wagged their tails and lavished the crew that saved them with plentiful affection. The dogs are extremely amiable and it is sad that they were forced to suffer from this cruel twist of fate.

Floridia also spoke out about the importance of taking animal cruelty seriously and expressed serious concerns with the way society treats case like these. The girl dog has been given a new name. She is now known as Sky and has already found a forever home that she can call her own. The male dog remains homeless, searching for a family that will adopt him.


Would you like to adopt this sweet little pitbull and provide him with the love that he so richly deserves? Share this story with your friends and family and if you have information regarding the adoption of this dog, don’t hesitate to call Guardian of Rescue as soon as possible.


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