These Awesome Hair Design For Horses Is The New Cool On The Planet!


Creativity truly knows no limits, and we have seen that in the development of world history Since the beginning of art until now, we have never stopped evolving in terms of creativity. Our development has been so big that we can barely keep up with it anymore.

Even with the Internet, there is so much going on at the same time that even the biggest websites out there struggle to keep up with everything. We were lucky to find out a little gem that was hidden right under people’s faces, and yet no one ever thought about it.

Trimming the hair of a horse is an extremely important thing to do, as it helps the horse stay cool in hot weather, helps reduce hair matting and even keep some pests away. People have been doing it for ages but no one ever thought about making it an art form.

That is only until recent years, as someone did think about it and now it became the newest trend around the equestrian world. Now, if a horse doesn’t have a cool haircut, he doesn’t have any style at all.

These haircuts are separated from the average horse haircut, as these are extremely stylish, straightforward and original. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

These are like tattoos, but for horses! Any type of message or symbol can be on the horse’s hair, depending on the skill and originality of the horse. If a horse goes through a traumatic experience or helps the owner go through a traumatic experience, he can have that marked on his body – without it being permanent.

It is clear that some haircut are going to look a lot better than others on the horses, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have any less meaning. Essentially, we are facing an era of horse tattoos that aren’t permanent. This might start off with horses, but it can pretty much expand too other animals.


This is a harmless way talented artists found to express their amazing creativity, and it should be supported as much as possible. After all, the horses really don’t care what their hair looks like, as long as they aren’t hurt, uncomfortable or annoyed by the artist.

Taking that into account, now you can make your horse stand out from the others by giving him an extremely stylish haircut that no other horse in the world has!

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[h/t The Dodo]

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