Their Rooster Wouldn’t Return To The Coop At Night. The Reason? Whoa!


Poodle Doo is an amazing rooster who lives on a big farm. He surely was a puzzle for his owners for a while indeed because of some strange behavior and they could not figure out what was going on with him. Would they ever solve the mystery?

Well, Poodle Doo is so beautiful with his white feathers that are so fluffy. No wonder they call him Poodle Doo as he is fluffy like a poodle. He has a really nice personality all of his own and is so kind and helpful.

During the day, he would be in the chicken coop with the chickens or out roaming in the yard. Now realize that it is normal behavior for chickens and roosters to go back to the chicken coop on their own accord at night in order to be protected during the night, since roosters and chickens are smart enough to know that they are no match for larger creatures that lurk in the night in the wild.

But dear fluffy Poodle Doo did not return to the chicken coop to sleep for the night. And the owners were very concerned. So they would have to go out looking for him with a flash light. This was going on for months on end. He would be out in the field sleeping alone.

They returned him to the barn where they kept him alone, as they noticed he liked to be alone and did not mingle much with the other chickens or roosters. They also knew that the other roosters could harm him due to the fact that roosters often did not like to accept other roosters into the fold.

But then the owners decided to try to put him back in with the roosters at night. They hoped for the best. But poor Poodle Doo was pecked very badly by the other roosters and had lost a lot of blood. The owners were horrified that the rooster had suffered so badly and they were not sure if he would live or not.

But they prayed and he recovered well. They discovered that he was both deaf and blind and that is why the rooster would sleep by himself out in the field, as he thought he was safer out there rather than being pecked by the other roosters. Now the owners knew why he was taking off to the field at night.

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Poodle Doo was then kept in the barn and away from the other roosters. He became a great friend to a lonely stray cat. He also was a great friend to other chickens who were injured and placed in the barn. He would not leave their side and showed them where the hay was and where the food was, such as apples in the composting trailer. He thus was named the barn nurse.

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