Their Dog Couldn’t Run in the Snow Like All the Other Dogs. So They Built THIS For Him!


Check out this amazing thing they built for Roosevelt, consisting of wheels on ski’s that let the dog control his run, and play in the snow. It’s apparent in the video of Roosevelt happily running down the hill to meet up with his pup friend that he thoroughly enjoys and appreciates what was done for him! You may think he’ll go sliding down the hill but he runs at a pace that looks pretty normal for a dog running down a hill covered with snow! When he gets to the bottom, he slides to a stop right next to his friend and they go on to meet another friend and continue playing.
Dog Dreams Do Come True

Now Roosevelt can play with his friends just like all of the other dogs. He may have just been dreaming days ago watching them run through the snow, but now he’s able to enjoy snow days by going out and playing like he’s always wanted to do. It is truly amazing what the folks at Wheels for Pet’s, do! Humans helping disabled animals warms our hearts and is such a beautiful movement.

Run, Roosevelt, Run!

Roosevelt is having a blast with the NE border collie rescue. He now has everything he need’s to enjoy his life, he’s went from being a happy dog to being completely over-joyed! He may miss the snow when it’s gone, but he’ll be back at it next year!

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