The Puppies Are Hesitant To Get In The Pool. But That Changes When THIS Happens!


While most grown up dogs love the water and head in at the slightest opportunity, puppies are a bit more reticent to leap into the swimming pool. Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing and the puppies in this clip are definitely experiencing a strong amount of trepidation when it comes to this pool.

Seeing these little angels tiptoe around the water is just too cute for words. Viewers might be tempted to grab them all up and take them inside, but their mother has a completely different thought in mind for her brood.
One of these puppies is braver than their brethren, though. The lone wolf decides to wade out ahead of their brothers and sisters and the implication is hilarious. This puppy seems to be letting them know that the last one will be a rotten egg. We couldn’t help but chuckle as the brave little puppy became the unofficial leader of the pack.

As the first puppy starts to chug through the water like an old pro, the rest of the little tentatively follows. Even though the puppy seems to be struggling just a bit, there is no quit in them. A human comes along to provide help if needed, but the leader of the group requires no such assistance.

The puppy swims back and rejoins the rest of the gang. The crew ponders their next move and is looking scared, until the mother dog arrives on the scene. She emerges from the water confidently and the children are intrigued by how easily she navigated a pool that seems so intimidating to them.

Mother dog does not even bother to wade back in through the shallow end, she shakes herself off and heads to the deep end of the pool, using the side to walk right in. Inspired by their mother’s lack of fear, the little puppies begin to realize that the water is safe (not to mention refreshing) and start to follow her lead.

To see what happens next, be sure to watch this video in its full entirety. These adorable puppies are just starting to get the hang of swimming, but with a mother like this one to show them the ropes, we suspect that this process will take them no time at all. Puppy lovers everywhere, unite! And be sure to share this cute clip with all of your friends and family members.

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