The Owl On The Right Betrays His Friend In The WORST Way, But I’m Dying!


Note: The video you are about to watch might irritate you or cause you stomach upset. So if you have a queasy stomach, viewer discretion is advised when watching this video. Owls are pretty smart animals, they are also unpredictable. Like every bird they are fond of dropping their feces from heights like building, electric cables and trees. Sometimes, their feces might drop on the ground or on someone’s head or clothe. So we need to watch out for them always.

But in this video. The situation is different; this is the case of an owl defecating on its fellow owl. What the owl on the right did to the one on the left will leave you thinking that owls now behave like humans. The owl on the left must have offended the one on the right at some point in the past. Probably by defecating on his friend or something worst. Then the friend on the right have tolerated his insolence all these while but on this very day, it decided to pay back his friend in its own coins.

The Two owls are sitting on the roof of a building cooling off, this is the special day which the friendly owl on the right has been waiting for to deal with his friend. Then the moment came, and the owl suddenly turns with its tail end towards its friend and defecates, the feaces spills towards its friend on the left and messes up its feet as it tries to avoid but all to no avail, the damage has already been done. The owls feet is all messed up.. The owl on the right is like; “finally I have had my revenge, have a nice day”, then he takes off.

While the owl on the left looks at his friend with anger and yells, “I will get back at you soon. You can run but you can’t hide.” But deep inside its heart, it is very grieved because it never expected its friend would ever do such a thing to it.

Whatever happens after this, they will continue to be friends probably they might be couples having fun. So sooner of later the owl on the left is expected to fly in pursuit of his friend either to pay it back or to laughs at its stupidity. Or better still, it could fly to a nearby stream or river and deep its feet in the water to wash off the feces and fly back to another roof with the intention of trying to avoid it’s friend. Whatever the case may be, they are animals and life in the wild is all a game designed by God.

Lesson: What is good for the goose is also good for the gander or what goes around will surely come around.

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