The Little Boy Tries Climbing Into The Dog Bed. What The Dog Does Is TOO Precious!


A Rhodesian Ridgeback versus a small child may seem like an unfair fight to some. After all, what could a little baby possibly do to upset a dog? Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend. Just look at that little face, how could anyone possibly stay mad at that? However, behind this adorable face lies a nefarious plot: steal Lee the dog’s bed, by any means necessary.

Watching him make his way up to the bed is too funny. He even stops to look both ways before proceeding, as if he is expecting some sort of blow-back from the dog. This little boy just might be too smart for his own good. His eyes are imploring, asking his father if it’s all right to climb into the bed.
It is as if he knows that what he is about to do will get him into trouble, but he does not care anyway. He takes a few moments to consider the gravity of his impending actions, but baby Alfred’s heart really seems to be set. Using the edge of the bed as a means of pulling himself up, Alfred is just about to make his way into the dog’s sleeping quarters, when disaster strikes!

You guessed it, Lee has shown up to reclaim what is rightfully his and we cannot say that we blame him. How dare this audacious little boy steal something that does not belong to him! Lee is a benevolent dog, though, and after giving Alfred a few sniffs, he decides to clear him for landing.

On top of sharing his bed with Alfred, Lee seems to sense that the little boy will not be able to make himself comfortable without some assistance. He sets about the task of picking up the blanket and giving him a boost. Thanks to the help of this awesome pup, Alfred never has to worry about climbing into his bed again. He is more than happy to share. What an amazing plot twist!
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