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It is comforting and sometimes even comical to watch your dog sleep. Dogs typically have several sleeping behaviors that are similar to ours. However, there are some that are inherent. One obvious effect of their sleeping positions is that they can influence the quality of their sleep.

A lot can be revealed of a dog through its sleeping positions. Normally, some dogs prefer to sleep on their stomachs in a downward position. Other common positions include

  • The Restful Dog Sleep Position – when a dog is comfortable with its environment it tends to sleep on its side
  • The Superdog Sleep Position – when a dog is in a restful sleep and chooses to sleep stretched out on its stomachs as if it is flying. However, as soon as they hear you move, they are always ready to go.
  • The Curling Up position – most dogs kept outdoors finds this to be their favorable sleeping position. As an inherent dog sleep position, curling is a good way of preserving body heat and protect the throat, limbs, face and vital organs.
  • Dead Roach Position – with their legs in the air, some dogs favor sleeping on their backs. This uncommon position can only be observed among pets that are secure and confident. Although this may be thought to be the most restful and most comfortable position for pups, it is also their most vulnerable position.

As a great way of cooling down quickly, most indoors dogs will sleep on their backs especially if they had lost lots of energy and/or are over-heated. You can hardly find outdoor dogs sleeping on their back position. This sleeping position sends a message of submission and vulnerability.

Obviously, these pups are indicating that they prefer not to be bothered. While they are sleeping on their back, some seem to be protecting their small chest with their paws but others are loose and free. Definitely, caution must be applied to wake any of them up, but that’s if there is any need to do so.
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For these little pups to take up this sleeping position, there is no doubt that they are enjoying the safety and convenience of their home. Obviously, the sleeping accommodation is comfortable. Generally, well-rested dogs are sure to grow healthier and happier.

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