The Dog Waits By The Microwave. What Follows Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!


Everybody loves a cute animal tale (pun intended) and this is just about one of the funniest and at the same time, touching videos we’re yet seen. And we’ve seen plenty.

When you share a humorous and honestly engaging photo or video with your friends and acquaintances on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, you feel the satisfaction that comes from sharing interesting material with others. After all, it doesn’t cost a penny to hit that share button, and you can believe they’ll thank you for it, and they too will want to pass it on. that’s how really worthwhile information goes viral and soon the entire world becomes aware of it.

When we think of all the past videos or photos we’ve loved , but failed to take the time to pass them on to our friends, it isn’t likely to make us feel all warm and cuddly inside. How many time have we allowed something so precious slip through our fingers because we were “too busy” to take a moment to pass them along?

Why not keep that in mind, not only today but in the future? Everyday interesting items pop up on our computer screens, not always cute animals or funny photos, but other interesting items of either general interest, or of a particular interest to someone, or perhaps to a number of people we know. Believe me, when they receive this little “gift” from you, they’ll not only thank you for it, but remember it for years to come, and they’ll remember you in the same way as well.

Animals are among the most interesting creatures on earth. We watch their antics and never fail to marvel at the sometimes cute, sometimes surprisingly intelligent and at other times, simply funny or crazy things they do.

If we have a good cell phone, we can always be prepared as well to catch some crazy animal go through its paces in a local park or at a zoo. Opportunities to catch interesting subjects in motion exist all around us, night and day.

So take a moment to pass some of these exciting and often hilarious videos and photos on. Everybody will be happier for it!

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