The Baby Can’t Make The Jump, But Watch What Mom Does…


The animal kingdom might be different from the human species in a lot of ways but still, in this kind of large difference also lies some similarities from along the line. We are similar in the sense that we have some in built instincts and appreciation for our young ones, prompting a parent to want to teach their young ones how to survive out there.

No parent would be happy if their kids didn’t have the basic survival skills before being left on their own, and the same goes for animals. While the bird would teach its young ones to fly as fast as they gained some strength, the lion would teach its cub how to hunt and as you are about to see in this video, a mummy horse wants to show her foal how to jump.

We all know that teaching someone to do something for the first time comes with its own bouts of frustration and this is not lost on the mother horse, but she keeps on with the gentle perseverance that every parent comes to learn. She must have tried a lot of moves and tried to get her foal to imitate but all to no avail. Little did she know that she was just a few steps away from getting the breakthrough formula.

The foal itself walked around the region that you and I would agree is a child’s play when it comes to horse jumping. Even humans would jump it, but somehow, the foal couldn’t. It paced up and down, as if to get a suitable alternative to jumping but there was none in sight. Then, out of nowhere comes the mother of this horse to do the most amazing thing that you would see. Instead of nudging or trying to force the horse to jump, she helped him realize his true abilities in the face of a barrier like that without even applying any force or sweating it, and the foal would surely be eternally grateful for that.

The amazing video shows that it is not only humans that bond with family and feel the need to help out their loved ones as animals are also not left out of that courtesy, evidently shown by this horse.
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It also shows how much learning can be done just by observing someone do something instead of getting the theory aspect of it. the foal watched its mother, followed in her footsteps, and the rest is just extraordinary.

Go watch and see for yourself.

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