Teeny Tiny Foster Kittens Get Teeny Tiny Beds And It’s Super Aww!!


It is a Herculean task to rear and make home pets cozy, as it drains our pockets and exhausts our strengths. As foster parents, we spend so much money on taking care of these pets, because we want to make them delighted and snug. Little kittens are like our babies, so they deserve optimum affection from us.

Weeny kittens as young as few hours or days old stay with us as foster parents; hence we treat them as we would treat our own babies. To ensure that they get the best of treat, we go as far as putting their needs before ours.

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We give them everything that they deserve to stay warm and blissful in their new environment. They deserve a good life, they deserve to relax, they deserve to sleep. We cuddle them and make them special beds. When you visit a foster mum like Angela Jacob and you take a look at her little kittens, you find that there is nothing Angela wouldn’t do for them. She cleans them up regularly and makes them look enthralling.

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She makes sure that they smell good. She makes specially decorated beds for them and carefully places them each in their separated beds, while in some cases; a bed is shared by two kittens. In this way, they remain warm without necessarily needing the care of an affectionate mother cat to do it for them.

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Angela doesn’t stop at that. She feeds the kittens. Their dazzling colors shine brightly and match the colors of their beds. Some of the kittens fall fast into a deep sleep while others just relax and enjoy the warmth derived from the beautiful beds prepared by their foster mum, with a portion of their eyes open.


They grow chubby, healthy and perky as they enjoy the tenderness their foster mother daily nourishes them with. They look beckoning and beautiful that every visitor who comes around and sees the little kittens wants to cuddle them.


The little kittens are attractive to the eyes. Everyone wants to see them. It is totally awesome to see these wonderful creatures get the love and affection humans get. When you put them together in pictures such as these, you see their beauty radiate all over the place. The beautiful, weeny, colorful beds they sleep in make you want to sleep with them. Angela is indeed a kind and adorable foster mother!

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