Teenagers Stole A Puppy, Fed It Drugs And Broke It’s Neck…And They Can’t Be Named?


They stole the puppy, forced it to consume drugs and then proceeded to viciously torture the poor creature to within an inch of its life. Not content to merely hurt the animal, they snapped its leg and neck, before leaving him to die.

The dog’s name is Chunky and the Chihuahua mix had no idea what happened to him or why. After feeding him drugs and breaking his leg and neck, they spent several hours burning him with a flamethrower. His eyes and face were set on fire and how the puppy managed to survive this treatment is anyone’s guess.

abuser teens

The next morning, as the dog battled to remain alive, he was finally found by a helpful citizen, who then returned him to his owners. But the trauma that Chunky experienced has left him fearful and the RSPCA believes that he’ll remain timid for the rest of his life.


The teenagers responsible for this heinous crime pleaded guilty and as a result of their sentence, none of them are allowed to own an animal for at least five years. They were also ordered to pay thousands in damages, but their names have not been revealed, due to their age.

Their defense was that they were also on drugs and merely having a good time. It really makes a person wonder where their parents were when all of this was going on. In our eyes, these teenagers got off easy and their punishment should have been far worse.


Chunky was depressed and terrified after this unprovoked attack, understandably so. Who should be blamed for these actions? Should the teenagers be allowed to remain anonymous? Or should they be named, so that people can be made aware of their cruelty? This seems to be a case of kidnapping and attempted murder and we are surprised that the court system did not view it in this manner.

Allowing these teenagers to live out their normal existence, while this innocent dog is made to suffer for the rest of his life? This does not seem fair. These teenagers should have been taught a much more difficult lesson after these deplorable actions. If you are anything like us, you are utterly speechless right now. Please share this story and be sure to spread awareness.

UPDATE: Chunky is recovering well and is now back with his owners.



[h/t Evening Standard]

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