Stray Dogs Suddenly Show Up At Funeral Of Woman Who Spent Her Life Feeding Them


While most of us have a deep and abiding love for families, there are others who go above and beyond the call of duty. Margarita Suarez was one of those special people. The Mexican woman fed the dogs on an everyday basis and her devotion to the animals is best described as a religious dedication.


The dogs slowly developed a reliance on Margarita’s meals and they would appear at her door each morning, in search of breakfast. Her care for the dogs knew no bounds and she never took a day off. Even when Margarita left the house, she would bring a packet of food with her, in case she ran into any strays who were in need of a meal during her travels.


Her dedication to animals was one of her defining characteristics and she did not consider it to be a way of life. Instead, taking care of these animals became her life. But she would die suddenly one day and the dogs that were used to receiving a meal each day were left to their own devices.


They did not abandon their adopted mother, though. The group of animals banded together in a unique way, expressing their grief in the only way that they knew how. The pups came to Margarita’s funeral and while some may have expected shenanigans of some sort, the animals seemed to grasp the gravity of the situation.


This is one of the more magical moments that you will ever bear witness to and the dogs were not the only animals to make their presence felt at Margarita’s funeral. A bird flew in and joined the dogs during their mourning and by all accounts, the animals were respectful, obedient and caused absolutely no problems.


The dogs could not bear to stay for the whole ceremony and they dispersed as soon as Margarita’s body was sanctified for her impending cremation. The staff at the funeral home was incredibly confused at first, but they soon realized that the dogs came heavy hearts and respectful intent. The animals definitely loved Margarita and they certainly miss her.


This is the type of story that will have you speechless. The world lost one of its most selfless animal lovers and the lives of these dogs are never, ever going to be the same again. Our condolences go out to Margarita’s family and it is our sincerest wish that she is able to rest in peace.


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