Stray Dog Finds Comfort In Only Friend He Can Find


As children, we would turn to the comfort of our stuffed animals when the pressures of the outside world became too much for us to handle. While most of our parents would eventually wean us off of them (or we would decide that they were for babies), there is no denying the sense of safety and belonging that they can offer to someone who is struggling with the rigors of life.


Maybe it’s the texture, maybe it’s their squishiness, but there is something about stuffed animals that seem to make troubles melt away when they are being squeezed. The abandoned dog in this story had nowhere else in the world to turn and found a stuffed animal that had also been abandoned.

These two animals just might be kindred spirits, because the stray dog took to it immediately. When you are stranded on the streets of Houston, Texas and you have no idea what your future holds, you will turn to anything for potential comfort. While it is sad to see such a lovable animal in such a tough predicament, it is hard to deny how cute this moment is.

Yvette Holzbach was the first one on the scene when this incredibly touching moment took place. She snapped a picture of the stray dog, all cuddled up with a toy that had also been discarded and it is certainly true what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Once she had taken the picture, she came to realize that the pooch was in need of help.

While she is the owner of Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward and she wished that she could have taken the pup in, sadly, there was no more room at the inn. Just take a look at this heartbreaking image.

Determined to provide help for the animal, she would return to the scene later on, only to find that the dog was gone. Where did this stray and his toy go? We can only hope that the dog has found adequate shelter since this story took place, living with a family who loves him.




If not, then our next hope is that he will turn back up so Yvette can offer him the help he needs. This story needs to be shared with a much wider audience, so that awareness can be raised about the sadness that is caused by pet abandonment.

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