Stray Cat Gives Birth To Fluffy Kittens, But It’s The Father Who Surprised Me Most!


Terra is the subject of this story and she is a stray cat who was blessed and fortunate enough to find a foster home where she could live. She was in desperate need of a place to rest her weary head, as her pregnancy had left her stranded and weak. A mere two weeks after she moved into her foster home, she gave birth to a litter of kittens.


The best part of all? None of the workers even knew that Terra was pregnant! They assumed that she was getting plump and juicy from all the delicious food that she was being granted access to after being forced to live on the street. But when she gave birth, it quickly became clear to the staff that food was not to blame for her sudden gain in weight.

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With the help of her foster mother, Terra birthed seven beautiful kittens. Terra’s foster mother also owns two dogs and one of them made a decision that will touch your heart and may even force you to shed a tear or two. The weenie mix saw that Terra was on the verge of being a single mother and he decided to do the most gallant thing possible.


He stepped in and made the decision to act as a father to these seven babies. This dog’s selflessness is truly commendable. He fell in love with these kittens and in his smitten state, he began to take on the role of being a foster parent. Perhaps he was inspired by the actions of those who had taken him in before.

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Cats are typically left on their own to handle the majority of their parental duties, but this pup was having none of that! When mother cat is off handling her business, the dog steps in and even gives the children a much needed bath. While he is not their biological father, he could not love these children any more than if he had birthed them himself.


Mama cat definitely doesn’t mind the assistance, that’s for sure. As the dog comes closer to her kittens, she trusts him to lick them clean. His face is beyond adorable and these kittens are providing him with a renewed sense of purpose.


When a Basset hound gets a little too close for comfort, the weenie mix growls menacingly. He even carries the kittens around, so that they are able to enjoy watching television more easily. Daddy loves his little girls and they are creating an unconventionally happy family.


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