Dog Stayed All Night In The Street, The Reason Will Make You Cry


Loyalty is one of the number one traits of dogs. They are known to be the most loyal animals on the planet and this was never more evident than recently when an older tan dog refused to leave the side of his friend. In spite of the danger he put himself in to remain at his friend’s side, this loyal dog faced freezing overnight temps and a very real possibility of being seriously hurt or worse.


On a busy roadway in China, two stray dogs attempted to cross the road. One of the dogs was hit by an oncoming car. Unfortunately this little white stray did not survive the accident and lay dead in the middle of the busy street.


The surviving member of this homeless duo, visibly grief stricken, laid down next to his friend. The tan dog cuddled next to the deceased little dog as if he was trying to keep him warm. Maybe he was not convinced his best friend was gone, and somehow by cuddling next to him his friend would simply ‘wake up’ and the two could continue on their journey.


In spite of the continuous traffic and the below zero temperatures he refused to leave the side of his buddy. Not long after a woman who was on her way to work spotted the sad scene as she passed by. When she realized the truth of the situation, she decided to try and lure the surviving dog away from his friend in hopes of preventing him from meeting the same fate as the other dog.


This good Samaritan was on her way to work, but in spite of her need to get to work on time, refused to leave the grief stricken dog to the likely fate awaiting him if he stayed in the middle of the busy roadway. Finally after trying everything she could think of to lure the dog out of the roadway without success, she decided to put a blue stool in front of the two dog to hopefully prevent traffic from hitting them. She then continued on to work.


The following morning the pair was still in the middle of the roadway. The surviving dog had stayed throughout the night cuddled up next to his friend. Workers from the businesses nearby came out and moved the dog who had been killed out of the street. His buddy followed and continued to stand watch over his friend until one of the workers buried the animal. As soon as the tan dog knew his friend was taken care of he continued on his journey.

This video will bring tears so make sure to have some tissue handy and please share so others can see just how loyal dogs truly are.

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