What Someone Just Caught On Camera In Canada Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen.


To fully appreciate the pictures, you need to understand that it is quite difficult to come across a deer. A moose is even a rare kind of deer and stumbling on an albino moose is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Thank God a camera was handy.


The best way to describe the moment is to call it a lunar eclipse as it rarely happens but it is always special when it does. Statistics show that one out of one hundred thousand moose is an albino. In other words, the chances of coming across an albino moose are one in one hundred thousand!


They are about the largest specie of deer and also the tallest as an average moose towers over six feet. Moose are about the least social animals as they prefer solitary kind of lives. They like being on their own and they hardly wander about. This is why coming across one is a rare feat that should be celebrated.


They prefer to be in cold areas as they can’t stand high temperatures. Having a very thick fur that acts as a good insulator makes them able to withstand extremely cold weather. But they can’t survive in any environment where the temperature is higher than eighty degrees Fahrenheit. This is because they can’t and do not sweat.


Another thing that adds to their rarity is the fact that over fifty percent of them do not make it to adulthood as they are highly prone to regular attacks from flesh eating wild predators like bears and wolves. They live their lives in constant fear of these attacks. This is probably the main reason they hardly wander about.


What makes it easy for the predators is their solitary nature. They don’t move around in groups. If not killed, a moose’s lifespan is between fifteen and twenty years on the average.


Since moose are naturally good swimmers, they sometimes run into a lake or river to protect themselves from predators that can’t swim. In fact, they sometimes hide under water for about thirty seconds to deceive predators. A moose can swim at the average speed of 9.5 km/h. This is why when they come across a mass of water, they tend to live around it. They would never go far away from it, even when they go for grazing, they will still come back.


Coming across an albino moose is a very rare fit. Please look at the adorable pictures and share it.

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