Soldier Dad Returns Home, But Has No Idea How He’s Going To Be Welcomed!


These days a soldier’s return from a war is greeted with fanfare and celebration by most people. In some wars in the past this was not the case. No soldier has ever received as warm and loving a reception as this man does from his dogs.

We do not know how dogs remember us but they do. Part of the memory is scent. Dogs can remember you and pick you out of a crowd even after years of separation. We would call it love if humans did the same thing.

You have to share this short little video with friends that love animals and everyone that has a loved one in the service. The soldier’s wife planned the reception but the dogs just simply go overboard. The man may not have been hurt during anything he experienced fighting for his country but one of his dogs might send him to the hospital because the dog is so big.

The big dog just does not bound up and wag his tail when the soldier comes walking down the sidewalk. The big dog jumps up and licks the man’s face. You have to watch the video to get the idea. The man is not a tiny individual by any means. The dog is a monster. The dog totally overwhelms the soldier and nearly knocks him off his feet.
The smaller dog is just as excited to see his owner again. The smaller dog jumps up on the man the way that dogs do but he does not try to take the man down like the big dog. You just have to watch and share to get the effect.

This really is a touching way to greet a soldier coming home from a war and deserves to be shared with all military folk to show them they are cared about. You may want to share this video because it is so funny.

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