The Shyest Shelter Dog Gets The BIGGEST Surprise Ever. Watch His Reaction!


The loneliest dog in the world; until Benson met a giant green ball. You will not believe how this dog changed.

Benson is a rescue dog. He is a small breed and he must have lived through something horrible. When he was found, he was terrified to get near other dogs or the workers at the shelter. He would barely eat and seemed to always be braced for attack.

The workers were patient and kind to the little dog. They allowed him time to get to know them so he would not fear them. They gently spoke to him and reassured him that he was safe. He was very slow to respond to their kindness.
Eventually Benson began to trust the workers. Eventually they got him to run and play in the sunshine. But even then he was not brave enough to go to the workers. One day a worker took Benson to his play yard. Benson seemed to be having a good day so she took a chance and rolled to him a giant, green, furry, ball. The ball was a lot bigger than Benson. To her delight, Benson began playing with the ball. Before her eyes he came out of his shell. He jumped on the ball, chased it and pulled at it with his paws and teeth.

With the help of the ball and the workers, Benson began to let other dogs near him. He began to trust. Then he started returning the affection the workers showered upon him. Benson began to love.

Someone in Benson’s life had taught him that to be close to any other living creature meant pain. Someone made him believe that humans inflicted pain. Perhaps they allowed bigger and stronger dogs to attack and hurt Benson. Someone taught Benson to fear. But love always wins. The love shown to Benson allowed him to see that all people and all animals are not cruel.

Benson is looking for his forever home. The employees at the shelter will do everything in their power to ensure he will get a family that is loving and kind and patient. They will try to show Benson that he matters and the world is a fun and happy place. Just like his play yard is when he plays with his big, green, ball!

Benson and the Big Ball!

It took Benson a few sniffs of the giant ball to realize that it was not some big green alien that was out to destroy him and once he did, he had a blast rolling it around! This ball was given to us by our friends at Lacey Pet Supply and it was obviously made for promotional purposes but whoever made it, please send us more! Our dogs are having the time of their life with it! Check out Benson in action then read his story below. You can come in and meet our silly boy anytime!Benson is just a year old and this boxer/pit mix was rescued from a backyard that he was thrown in to after being slashed by some cruel person. Benson received emergency medical treatment for his wounds and was transferred to us at Popcorn Park for his recovery. He was so scared and shy when he arrived that he would not even go out for a walk. With lots of help from our staff and from other dogs, Benson learned to come out of his shell and enjoy life. He is now a happy and bubbly puppy that is eager to meet a family that will give him the great home he deserves. Benson is still shy when meeting new people so it may take a couple of visits to gain his trust. Once you have, Benson will truly love you forever and practically melt in your arms. Benson bonds quickly with people and makes lifelong friends. He is so playful and fun loving, and is overjoyed to kick around a ball in our exercise yard for hours. He loves the dogs that he has been staying with in our recovery suite and given the time, will bond quickly with another dog. He is even good with cats. Benson will need patience with meeting new people and a little training, but he is so worth the effort and will love you forever if you give him a chance. File#25516 9/19/15(Interested in adopting? Go to Page Info in our About section for all adoption information)

Posted by Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Benson deserves a happy home. We all hope Benson is never lonely or afraid again!

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