Shiba Inu Uses Her Squinchy Smiles To Melt Hearts Across The Internet


Kinta is the name of the dog that is of the breed that is called Shiba Inu. This sweet looking dog is so adorable with an amazing talent that is being called the Squinta.


The precious inspiring face of this light yellowish colored dog is very well known on the internet and the reality is that the face that the dog makes is very common for the Shiba Inu breed. But it is so sweet and fun to see.


The expression referred to as the Squinta that you see in the photos and video is considered to be a combination of what is termed as airplane ears when the ears are set back and pointed to the side and a smile that comes with squinty eyes. This seems to happen when the dog is extremely elated and happy during various instances.

This is a sweet and unique expression that will surely melt your heart. Usually this expression called the Squinta is reserved for times of ultra happiness and elation. The truth of the matter is that any person who owns a Shiba Inu dog will admit that seeing their dog perform the Squinta is truly an amazing and happy moment for them as well–not only for the dog!

However, Kinta, this gorgeous looking and well cared for Siba Inu dog, is not only doing the Squinta sometimes as his other fellow Shiba Inu dog members do for this breed. But rather this dog is giving quite a few large smiles accompanied by squinty eyes and airplane ears on many occasions. Kinta thus indeed must be living a really happy life. Good for Kinta!

It doesn’t take much for Kinta to be happy and to learn to find enjoyment in any situation in life seemingly. This can be a good lesson for many who are so busy in their daily lives. Kinta can teach us all to smile again and to take time to enjoy the small things in life, which will indeed increase our happiness overall. That is a good thing.

For example, Kinta was enjoying the moment of sitting on a bench and showed a true full Squinta. Yes, it must be good to sit on a bench sometimes. Maybe it is time for us all to get out to the park to try a bench in some nice sunshine for a while.

Then not too long ago dear Kinta stole a cough drop and got caught. It must have tasted some good, though Kinta had been told not to eat it! However, it was exciting to have managed to get it and then to eat it with sheer delight. So Kinta gave another Squinta.

Yes, Kinta indeed puts a smile on all of our faces.

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