Sheepdog Gives Birth To A Mind Blowing 17 Puppies In 1 Litter!


As humans, we are conditioned to enjoy the setting of records. We love to see records get broken and it does not matter which ones they are. Many of the records that are shattered are hard to fathom and it is fun to watch others try to best the records for years to come. But the record that was broken in this story is an incredibly difficult one to fathom.


A sheepdog in California gave birth to a litter of puppies and while this might seem ho hum to most, you will not believe the size of her litter. She set a new record, as she gave birth to a staggering litter of 17 puppies.


Yes, you read that number right and your eyes are most certainly not playing any kind of trick on you. Seventeen.


According to California state records, this is the largest litter of puppies that a Maremma sheep dog has ever brought into the world. However, it is important to note that this dog received help from a friend. This mother could not go it alone and she needed a vet to provide her with the help that she needed to safely bring her little ones in the world.


The litter included eleven boys and six girls. Once the puppies have reached the proper age of maturity, they will be sold off to a wide range of other farms. From there, the puppies will then be enlisted to serve as protectors for the livestock on hand. If they are even half as tough as their mother, this is not going to be any problem at all!


Wondering about the world record? In 2004, Tia, a Neapolitan mastiff, gave birth to an unbelievable 24 dogs in the same litter. Stella, the mother of the aforementioned 17 babies, probably wasn’t as tired as poor Tia, but she still has several mouths to feed in the interim. While she does not have to handle these puppies forever, her work is cut out for her in the meantime.


This mother also has dedicated humans in her corner, to give her a break when she is in need of one. She was tired and proud after all the hard work she’s done and if this story touched your heart as much as it did ours, you’ll want to share it with the puppy lovers in your life. Be sure to spread the love and take the time to pass it along!


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