She Wraps An Egg In A Scarf For The Most GORGEOUS Reason! Just Wait!


If you are looking for a unique and classical, retro radiant design for your Easter eggs this year, this is the way to do it. It’s easy an attractive and provides a mess free way to get creative with the kids. Or use this fanciful design to jazz up the home or office during our most colorful spring holiday. Everyone enjoys something fresh and new, but this one actually comes from days past, when creativity far outweighed product availability. It makes sense to revive this old-time favorite in an ever quickening society where function and creative pursuits need to be combined to enjoy the precious moments we have to share with our loved ones.
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Crafts with Kendra shows you how to make the prettiest Easter eggs you’ve ever seen, and you won’t have to break out the paint brush. This simple method is now a new craft my family has added to our holiday fun time repertoire. It’s easy, just pick up some silk scarves or ties (don’t use anything you’re planning on wearing) from a thrift store or your favorite bargain bin. Be sure that the fabric you choose is 100% silk. Then, it’s as simple as one, two, three and you’re on your way to being the coolest mom on the block.

We started with just a few different designs but feel free to choose as many patterns and colors as you can. Each piece of silk can be used more than once, so don’t just toss it when you’re done using it the first time. You’ll most likely get two or three eggs out of each swatch of cloth. You will also need a few other items to make this project work smoothly and effectively. About a half yard of white fabric, some white vinegar, vegetable oil and twist ties is all that’s needed to make original and artistic designs that everyone will absolutely be in awe of. Wait until you tell them how easy it is to do!

You’ll obviously also need the eggs, and a non-radioactive, large metal or glass pot for the dying. Cut the silk and the white fabric into 7” by 7” squares. It’s important to put those plain white sections around the silk wrapped egg before you twist tie them tightly in place. If you don’t, the color will not show in its full brilliance and you will lose the dye into the water.

Place the wrapped eggs into the pot you have chosen and fill with enough water to boil them in. Add three table spoons of the vinegar and boil the wrapped eggs for fifteen minutes. After removing them from the pot, unwrap them and let them cool. Finally, cover each egg with a thin coat of oil to produce a scintillating shine and preserve the egg’s beauty. The video of Kendra, provided by Holidash .com, gives a nice visual demonstration which presents the “how to” in an easy to follow, step by step process.

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