As She Wasted Away And Turned To Stone, She Never Knew THIS Awaited Her…


When an animal does not have a proper home, they are far more susceptible to a variety of diseases and ailments. Although these conditions can usually be treated with relative ease, dogs who are forced to live on the street are unable to experience a life without pain and discomfort and are left to their own devices.


Fortunately for these animals, there are a number of kindhearted people that are ready, willing and able to provide them with the help that they so desperately need. These good Samaritans take in animals who do not have homes and offer them the necessary treatments that they need to live a live without suffering.


The dog in this story was spotted by a Greek woman, who took notice of the animal after realizing that they looked to be made of stone. This was obviously not a conscious choice on the dog’s part and their condition can be attributed to the harsh realities of living life on the streets.


When she was found, the dog was severely emaciated, was not eating regularly and did not seem as if she had very much time left. The woman who found her took a photo and uploaded it to Facebook, in an effort to raise awareness about the animal’s dire condition.

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From there, the dog was given a brand new name. Petra means “stone” in the Greek language and this was the perfect moniker for a dog in her predicament. However, a life spent living on the streets had left her with an immense fear of human interaction. She had not spent enough time around people to know that there are good, kind hearted souls out there in the world.


But her rescuers were not going to give up on her, not when they knew that she had so much more living to do. Petra’s mange condition was treated and once her fur began to grow back in, she stopped resembling a Greek statue and started to look like a dog once again.


As for her trust issues, she would soon get those sorted out, as well. The more time she spent around caring people, the more she began to trust them. Petra is a happy animal with a whole lot of love to give, so be sure to let anyone that you know who is living in Greece and willing to take in a stray all about her.


Get in touch with Valia Orfanidou at her e-mail address:, if you seek more information.

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