She Was About To Throw Away An Old Table. Then A Crazy Idea Creeped Into Her Head. The Result? WOW!


Many of us (myself included) are able to draw a great deal of inspiration from watching someone turn an old and seemingly useless item into one that looks like new and becomes much more useful in the process. Anything can be made over and every item has unlimited potential to be used in a variety of ways.
Ever since I watched a man take an old baby’s crib and turn it into a touching memorial for his late mother, I realized that anything is possible. As the clip begins, we catch a glimpse of a regular, ordinary end table. Surely, the person is simply going to discard this old table and move on with their lives, right?

Wrong. The woman starts by taking the end table and flipping it over, instantly increasing the amount of options that she has for her renovation project. From there, she measures the top and starts to drill some holes in the table’s top, which allows her to tack on some helpful floor stands.

Once the holes have been drilled, our helpful host will be ready to screw in a new set of feet for the table that is about to turn into another piece of furniture entirely. None of that can take place until she has properly sanded the table down, however. Unless all of the stains and excess paint have been removed, the project cannot be completed properly.

By stripping the table of all stains and paints, she is then able to redecorate the table to meet her specifications. Once the old paint has been sanded off, she chooses rose petal pink to be the color of the feet on her new piece of furniture.

The rest of the table is painted with a creamier shade of white. Not content to stop there, she added some flair by spray painting a few of the accent pieces, using the color pink to do so. Thanks to these accent pieces and the initial paint job, the piece comes together quite well.

Once the paint job is done, we are finally able to see what the woman was converting her old end table into. She adds a mattress to the top of the new piece of furniture and presto, her furry little canine pal now has a beautiful new bed to sleep on. Cupcake clearly enjoys her brand new bed and you can create one for your pet with ease, thanks to this woman’s helpful tutorial.

4 Poster Dogbed

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