She Tells Her Dog To Go Grab 3 Things. Now Wait Till You See The End Result…


Research has revealed that dogs can perform simple mathematical calculations, correctly count up to five, and understand up to 250 words and gestures. When tests designed to demonstrate the development of arithmetic, pre-language and language in human children were carried out on some dogs, it was revealed that the average dog was more intelligent than we thought owing to the fact that its intelligence is greater than what it is credited for.


Linguistically, a researcher at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver has found that the average dog is just as bright as a human two-year-old. To this effect, dogs are capable of understanding 200+ words, signs and signals. This canine ability is about the same as that of a two and a half-year-old human baby.

Certainly, sitting down to have a conversation with a dog will not be that realistic, however, they have proven to understand words and gestures like a two-year-old child. For their uncommon ability to understand language, no doubt, dogs are among the most intelligent animals on earth rivaling parrots and apes.

Although most dogs are conversant with simple commands such as fetch, go, sit and stay, there are others with higher levels of understanding. Just like the amazing dog in the video who is not only able to understand simple commands but to recognize the names of every item it was instructed to fetch of which it correctly retrieved.

This demonstrates how quick dogs could be in learning the names of new items and their ability to retain the words they have learnt. There are some dogs that prefer to learn with gestures; these kinds of dogs learn fewer words instead.

Of course, these pups are well above average intelligence; no wonder, they have always been thought of as gifted highly trainable, and loyal with an amazing sense of smell for tracking. Several remarkable things have been accomplished with dogs than any other animal you can ever think of such as dogs, detecting cancer, following instructions to herd sheep or cattle, guiding blind people to cross the road or through crowded city streets.

For this reason, they seem to pay keen attention to us when we talk to them. Researchers believe that dogs have been able to learn to read us so well because of the unique relationship that has existed between man and dog over thousands of years.

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