She Soaked A Bunch Of Cotton Swabs In Vodka. Then She Rubs It All Over Her Face. The Result? So Smart!


Millions of people drink vodka across the world. Vodka is the top liquor sold in the United States. Vodka has several uses besides drinking. This short little video that shows the many other uses for vodka features Smirnoff so the company may have had something to do with the development of these uses. All of the other uses for vodka rely on the fact that vodka contains ethanol. Ethanol is what makes you drunk. Ethanol absorbs water better than rubbing alcohol. Ethanol will absorb water from the air so pure ethanol is really 0.05 percent water unless it is made in a vacuum.

Vodka Eye Glass Cleaner

Pour an ample dose of vodka on a clean soft cloth. Rub the glass part of your glasses to get them clean. Some of the more sophisticated replacements for glass might suffer from exposure to ethanol. The method works great for regular glass.

Clean your razor with vodka

Pour enough vodka in a glass so that the blades of your razor can be covered completely. Swish the razor blades in the vodka. You can just let the razor sit in the vodka. The advantage is that vodka will not cause your razor to rust like water will.

Preserve your flowers with vodka

Add just a few drops of water to the water and other ingredients that you put cut flowers in. The addition of vodka makes your flowers last longer. Ethanol gets absorbed by flowers faster than water. The alcohol helps preserve cut flowers.

Vodka as a face toner

Dab a little vodka on a cotton ball or a cotton face pad. Rub your face with vodka laced cotton. The alcohol in the vodka absorbs oils and dirt. Vodka actually works better than many other cleaners because it has a higher polarity and can absorb more skin contaminates. Vodka helps reduce acne. Do not use too much vodka or your skin will be too dry.

Vodka shampoo

Add a shot of vodka to your shampoo. You get shinier hair with vodka in your shampoo. The vodka removes the built up hair spray, conditioners, and other hair products that you use so the natural shine of your hair comes out after a vodka shampoo.

Vodka for smelly feet

If you have a foot odor problem then, rub your feet with a little vodka. Pour a generous amount of vodka on a cloth and rub your feet. The vodka absorbs the nasty chemicals that cause foot odor. A dab of vodka costs less than other foot odor cures. Do not use vodka on shoes because shoes may deteriorate from drinking vodka.

Vodka ice pack

Add equal amounts of water and vodka to a plastic bag that can be sealed. The zipper type seal works best. Put the sealed bag in the freezer. Once the solution is frozen you can use the bag for pain relief for muscles. The addition of vodka lowers the freezing point of the water so the bag is colder and more pain relieving than water alone.

These are seven uses for vodka that you probably did not know about. Drinking a little vodka while you use these tricks just makes things better.

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