She Saw This Baby Struggling In The Water But NEVER Expected What Was About To Happen


In the dead of winter at Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada, a tiny mouse had fallen into the freezing river. People looked at him struggling and walked on. Until, a kindly bystander helped the little creature out of the water.

This beach was a favorite with the local dogs and the owners dragged their dogs away, leaving the mouse in the water. The mouse struggled to climb up the steep, rocky bank – to no avail.

He swam further along, getting colder and more exhausted by the minute. The frigid water was sapping his strength and his breathing became labored.

Eventually he found a strip of sand and managed to crawl out but he couldn’t get any further. The icy water still lapped at his tiny body threatening to pull him back into the lake but he didn’t have the strength to move. If he cannot get warm and dry, he would die of exposure and risked being eaten by some passing animal.

A Good Samaritan gently picked up the mouse and held him in her gloves. He was only about two inches long and deathly cold. The rescuer put him down on the pebbles out of reach of the water but the little mouse wasn’t stirring.

The woman picked the mouse up again and sat on a nearby bench, holding him gently in her gloved hand.

The adorable little creature started stirring as he dried in the warm sun and turned this way and that way. It wasn’t long before the life came back into his eyes and he was feeling much better.

He cuddled down into a fold of the glove and soaked up the life-giving warmth of the sun. The little mouse was quite enjoying being held in the warm glove but the woman had to find a safe place to release him. He is after all a wild creature.

She found a pile of wood which would be perfect. Didn’t mice love wood piles? The wood was warm and he could finish his drying off in perfect safety. She set the mouse down on the top of the pile and he reveled in the warmth. He stretched and groomed and shook himself and was quite at home.

And then, in a blink, he was gone!
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Why bother to rescue a little mouse? Because that little creature is just as deserving a life as any of us and his will to live drove him to swim in that icy, frigid water to find a way out. It must have seemed like miles, but he didn’t give up. It is only right that this little life should be honored as God’s own creature.

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