She Knocks On Mom’s Door To Deliver A Message From Her Son. But The Real Surprise? I’m CRYING!


What am I Doing Holding a Tablet?

What more could he give this rare gem? He had thought about it continuously; a car? a house? some money? a hug? a smile? He just didn’t know what to do. All he knew was that she was the best thing anyone could ever have in life. She had given up everything she had just so that Ryan could be accomplished in life. “Oh sweet mother”, he thought out loud. “Yes! Yes!” Ryan exclaimed, he had the perfect surprise in mind. A surprise that would blow anybody’s imagination away.

Can you guess what that surprise is?

She would go the whole nine yards even ten to be his mother again. A son so precious to her.” An emotional video clip just for me?” She asked as tears of joy flowed freely down her face.

What Would She do With this New App?

My granny once asked me to teach her how to operate a laptop. I laughed because I wondered how long it would take to make her understand its dynamics. Can everyone operate phones? Maybe you would say. To the youths, definitely but to the elderly, I am not so sure?

So, what do you think? Would you rather re live the days of old or advance with the times? Do let me know…

Can you Just Imagine the Transformation?

You be the judge of this ordeal. Could it have been a sign for Martinez to be a different person?

Something drastic doesn’t need to happen in ones’ life in order for you to know that the time has come to change. All Joe needed to get rid of his addiction was that one picture.

What do you think was in that single picture?

A face! The face of a dog that looked like a dark image from hell. Weird right?

Joe didn’t look back in life anymore, he moved on and became a new being. That was indeed an experience to remember.

What Makes a Man Different from a Woman?

Ruffalo and Scarlett are both stars in the movie industry so why can’t the interviewer ask them the same questions; knowing that a woman will always be conscious of her body? She is stunning as well as gifted and wants to be seen as that. But years down the line, she is fulfilled because the tables turned. Now. Ruffalo has to feel what she had been feeling all along. Her hard work did pay off, right?

I Cannot Believe I am Alive

Ann Marie chose to be a Nurse so she could give back. God gave her another chance to live and she grabbed it with all she had. She could now say good bye to cancer.

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