She Found This Poor, Tiny Baby. Now Watch What Her Dog Does…


This is a video that rewards a viewer for remaining resilient and watching all the way to the end. The final shot of this clip is bound to stir up feelings in the hearts of those who are watching at home. Millie, the dog in this video, has a heart much bigger than most other canines, and you are about to see why.
As we can see, a tree has fallen down in Millie’s yard. When the tree toppled over, a tiny baby squirrel was displaced from his home. The squirrel had fallen to the ground and initially, Millie paid the situation no mind. But after leaving the squirrel to his own devices for a day, she finally decided to intervene.

The following day, Millie and her loving family returned to her yard to investigate the damages. The baby’s mother had either perished when the tree fell over or was unable to find her child. It was time for Abbey, the canine’s parent, to spring into action! She took it upon herself to care for the baby squirrel and ensure its continued safety.

Millie, taking cues from her own mother, became close friends with the baby squirrel and welcomed him to the family, treating him with the same love and affection she displays towards her awesome family. This clip is as adorable as they come and even those who do not enjoy watching cute animal videos will get a major kick out of this one.

Abbey named their new friend “Squirrel” and Millie clearly enjoys playing with her brand new buddy. Abbey recorded this video after the baby squirrel had been in the care of the family for roughly a week. The squirrel was able to mend under the watchful eye of Abbey and went from not being able to open its eyes to being full of energy and ready to play with Millie in the backyard.

Not only does this squirrel love to play with Millie, but he also loves to eat. Abbey is sure to let viewers know that neither the dog nor “Squirrel” were injured during their play time and that the family is not planning on keeping the squirrel as a pet. Once he is finished mending his wounds, Abbey plans on releasing him back into the wild and allowing him to search for his mother.

If only we lived in a world where all human beings and animals were as kind to one another as Millie and Abbey were to this squirrel, it would be a much better place. In order to spread this adorable moment to as many viewers as possible, be sure to share it with all your friends on Twitter and Facebook!

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