She Found This Creature Inside A Tuna Can, You Won’t Believe What It Is


We hear about stories like these all the time, but most of us chalk them up to mere tabloid sensationalism or exaggeration on the part of those who are telling the story. While the post just might send a chill or two down your spine, it is required viewing. Posts like these go viral because they touch one of the biggest fears that people have in this world: food being tampered with in a manner that could potentially hurt us.
In many instances, we often fail to see the most minuscule items in our food until it is too late. It really makes you think back on all of the food that you’ve eaten, forcing you to wonder if any of it was contaminated. Even the most benign items need to be double checked before we eat them, just ask Zoe Butler.

She is a woman from the United Kingdom who recently went to the store for a can of tuna. While this may not seem all that newsworthy, it is what happened next that caused this story to go viral. She brought her tuna home and when she opened the can, she was shocked to see something staring back at her. What a terrifying moment this must have been for Zoe!


To make matters worse, the tuna was purchased by Zoe as a meal for her two children. Luckily, she stopped herself before giving the contaminated tuna to her little ones, but the damage was already done. The more important question: how in the world did whatever this thing is get into the tuna can to begin with?

The Natural History Museum believes that the creature is actually a parasite that latches onto the tongue of a fish, known as a Cymothoa Exigua. For the life of us, we cannot seem to imagine the circumstances that would have led to this parasite finding a home in a tuna can.


Don’t believe us? Then be sure to take a look at this astonishing image.


No one ended up eating this tuna, thankfully, but this is too close of a call to be ignored, especially by all of the parents out there. Before you eat anything that you purchase, take a moment to double check it. You simply never know what could be hiding behind that packaging. This is an important message that needs to be shared, so pass it along to your friends and family, as well.

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