She Dips A Whole Spool Of Yarn Into Craft Glue. The Result Is UNBELIEVABLE!


The possibilities in the world of arts and crafts are infinite. From prints to glitter to neon and back, there are no rules for the creative world. Do you know exactly what you could make? It doesn’t take a Martha Stewart type to create something neat and memorable for your home. You too can move mountains! Dana did just this with her yarn! You wouldn’t believe you could make something so chic and innovative, all with an old craft supply just laying around your house! To make this yard lampshade, simply follow these steps and discover how Dana did it!
First, mark off the openings in your ball for light. This will the main part of the lampshade. Next, dilute your glue with some water and drop the yarn ball in. Easy so far! After that, just wrap your ball in the glue soaked yarn until you completely cover it. This is the first step of the process! There are only 2 steps!

Next, let your project dry! This is a cool idea, but by no means quick! It will require about 2 days to dry, but when it is done, it will look amazing! Just add a light to your lampshade and bam!

Use assorted glitter yarn, bold colors, glow in the dark or multi-colors to add cool effects that will match your room, your home and your house! The design is all up to you!

Your friends will all be amazed at how you created this unique and stylish art project! You do it all by yourself!

Make multiple lampshades for every room of your house. You will have the pride of saying you made your very own yarn barn lampshade!

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