She Didn’t Know Why Her Fridge Never Had Any Ice. Then She Caught Her Puppies Doing This! LOL!


One woman couldn’t figure out why she never had any ice. That’s when she caught her dogs doing this. There are four Golden Retrievers in this house and they have learned something very important. They have figured out how to work the ice machine on the door of the freezer. You would think that this is the best day ever based upon their reactions.

Three out of the four dogs will actively work the ice machine lever on their own in order to get at the ice. The fourth one simply sit back and wait for the ice to drop on the floor so that he can get it. Perhaps he’s lazy, perhaps he’s smart and one of the other ones to do all the work.
The mother is the one that is holding the camera, and she is providing a basic narration as she watches all of this happens. She has now learned that the reason she doesn’t have ice anymore when she needs it is because the dogs have been stealing it all day long.

After all, ice is one of the most exciting things for a dog to get. It’s a great way to stay cool, and it can act as a simple toy – at least until it’s gone. Lucky for them, they know how to get the ice, so it will never be gone – unless the freezer simply cannot keep up.

It’s really quite amazing when you look at what these dogs have been able to accomplish. Curiosity is definitely something that runs rampant in dogs, and Golden retrievers are famous for it. These young pups are quite excited with themselves. They stand up on their hind legs and can get all the ice that they want.

Just as one gets the ice and climbs down, the next one is up, and it seems to be a never-ending cycle of the four dogs entertaining themselves at the ice machine. How in the world is the owner even going to stop this, if she weren’t so amused? At some point, she is going to want ice again – and she’ll never get it if these four keep up at this pace.
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