She Cuts The Cake In Half And Folds It Together For One SERIOUSLY Cute Reason!


So Easter is coming up and it is a very important time to a lot of people. Since it’s really important, we guess it’s better to have some amazing food to go along with it, and that includes desert. This is a super easy to make bunny cake that due to its simplicity is going to impress everyone and there will be no one saying they don’t like it. All you need to do is follow these instructions and then surprise everyone with this amazing cake. The cake itself in the original recipe calls for the whole thing to be done, with flour, eggs and all that, but you can just purchase the pre made batter and get decorating.

So first off you need to bake a round cake, that isn’t too hard especially if you bought pre made batter. It just needs to be a cake, and it needs to be round. After that, you need to slice the cake in half carefully. You need to be as accurate as possible while cutting the cake in half, so that the bunny is going to look just how it should look.

1. Bake a round cake.





6Your Your bunny cake is done, all you need to do now is impress your friends and family!

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