She Calls For Her Dog. What He Does Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen!


Dogs can do a lot of tricks, but this one got confused when learning how to climb the stairs. Instead of climbing the stairs one step after another, this dog runs left to right on each step before climbing to the next step. It does it fairly quickly, however, which makes the video even more interesting.

The dog moves like a caterpillar, or a slinky moving horizontally. It might have vision problems, since each step blocks a portion of the dog’s field of vision. This might explain why the dog runs along the step after climbing onto it; it could be the only thing it sees. Whatever the cause of this dog’s peculiar locomotion, the owner should be grateful. After all, there probably isn’t a dog on Earth that climbs the stairs like this.
When dogs can’t climb stairs, there’s not much that can be done, expect showing them how to and hoping they can repeat the behavior. It is recommended to socialize dogs early and expose them to staircases. The best way to do this is to approach the staircase with the dog and reward them with treats.

Repeat this for a while until the dog is no longer afraid of stairs. Then, place toys or treats on higher steps and encourage the dog to climb up and retrieve their reward. Walk the dog back down the stairs and repeat. Move the toys and treats to higher steps and walk the dog up the stair and back down.

A slow training process for climbing stairs is what the dog in this video needs. It might help improve the way it climbs the stairs. But from the looks of this dog, it might not help. It has a long slender body, which hinders stair climbing. It also has a protruding nose, which might hit the steps and cause the dog to alter its climb. The best that can be hoped for is that the dog climbs the stairs on a diagonal and zig-zags its way to the top.

There might be answers for this problem in a study of how people climb stairs. The way a person climbs stairs might be different from person to person. In fact, some people can run up stairs, some can skip steps, and some can walk at a steady pace. Other people might have trouble walking up stairs and need to take one step at a time.

When moving one step at a time becomes difficult, holding onto a railing and pulling up onto each step becomes necessary. Another option is using a cane, having a live-in assistant, or installing an automated chair lift. The last option would be the ideal choice for pets in today’s technologically driven smart home.

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