She Bends Down Next To A Dog In The Shelter. The Next Part? Oh, My Heart!


Pet shelters are an unfortunate part of reality for many animals. There simply aren’t enough forever homes to go around and lots of worthy pets end up residing at shelters, until they are eventually euthanized. The sad look on the dog’s face at the start of this video suggests that they are well aware of this possibility.

Just try to look at that facial expression without feeling a pang of guilt in your chest. This poor pup just wants to love and to be loved. Is that so hard to come by?

Finally, a person walks up and the dog is immediately on its feet, looking as happy as possible, given their current circumstances. But then the person decides to keep on searching and the heartbreak that the dog feels in that moment is palpable to the viewer. Your heart just might break into a million pieces.

The sad dog continues watching people walk on by and their fate begins to seem really unfair. Why won’t anyone give this beautiful creature a chance to make them happy? They are far too adorable to spend the rest of their short life in a shelter, waiting to die.

When it seems like all hope is lost, one girl doubles back. When she bends down in front of the cage, the dog’s sad eyes seem to convey skepticism. After all, everyone else eventually walked in the opposite direction. What’s to stop this woman from doing the same?

But this little girl is not like everyone else. She puts her hand up to the glass and the dog’s facial expression changes in an instant. Finally! Someone to love them.

The dog reciprocates the little girl’s gesture and puts her paw up to the window. At this moment, some of us may end blubbering like babies. The immediate bond that is on display between these two is almost too beautiful to put into words.

The ending to this video is too perfect, so you will need to watch it in its entirety. Pet adoption is definitely important and videos like these place that importance on full display, for all to see. Without loving forever homes, most of these animals pass away and never have a chance to know true love.

Thanks to Save A Hound, dogs like Suzie can find homes with people with people who care about them. Spread awareness about the plight of these animals by sharing this video with your family members and close friends today.

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