See What This Homeless Pit Bull Does Everyday To Get A Forever Loving Home…


This is a beautiful story about a homeless pit bull with an adorable character, his name Rush who makes sure that when somebody sees this capture, they’ll recognize that he is all set to go to his perpetually adoring home – it’s about that moment too.

Rush lost his home several months ago and was provided a temporary home by a shelter for homeless animals. He has been patiently waiting for the amazing family that will provide him with the perfect home he deserves. Rush probably had a terrible experience that made him not only homeless but traumatized but thanks to the care of this homeless facility he has shelter but he deserves more.


Evidently dogs are amazing animals, they play with you, cuddle you, learn from you and they are very responsive to training little wonder they are called man’s best friend. They sort of just complete and add color to your life. It’s amazing how these creatures connect with us emotionally. Some families crave this completeness but do not know how to fill it, with such an incredible gem like Rush, this completeness will most likely be realized and life will become more beautiful.

Rush is just so astonishing and full of life and passes this energy across the room. He creates an out of the ordinary bond with each individual, kissing and wagging his tail with excitement. Rush is certainly a pet to own. The pitiable pup has been unwearyingly waiting for so long and will continue to be serene until he finds his evermore warm home

According to the shelter, Rush makes his bed every morning when he wakes up, this He does carefully and with elegance. Rush totally shows a strong character in spite of what he has been through. he has been patiently waiting for a family he can truly blend in and call his own for the past 30 days. The shelter personnel confessed that Rush is a good hearted animal with a loving character that is willing to share his life experiences with a family. This fur ball is a pure gem that deserves a loving family that he will forever be with and share amazing moments with.

I do look forward to that an amazing family taking home this fuzz kid with them. Rush you little sweetheart, patience my child. I wish you discover a new life and stay cheerful forever.


Rush has been adopted! Enjoy your new life and stay happy forever Rush!

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